Crimes Seen

An Abysmal Sojourn of Spiritual Ineptitude

Front Cover for Driftwood (book 1)

As the quest for fame, fortune, and common sense continues in book 2, Mahdakis finds himself in a spiraling psychosis of sexual deviancy and cunning deception; a world in which the price for daily survival is the purity of his own heart…….Considering this a fair trade, Mahdakis jumps in with both feet and immediately finds himself living on the streets with fellow B.U.R.N.O.U.T.S.™, Floyd and Carl; going day to day without the security of knowing where they will sleep, if they will ever wake up again, and if so, where their next beer is going to come from.

But there is little time to dwell on such matters, as his bands popularity explodes for a brief moment in time and gives them all a taste of what the good life could have in store for them – if they’re willing to play ball. For the manner in which the band has become well known is questionable; yet still, with nothing but determination for stardom, Mahdakis finds himself catapulted even further into an ethically questionable lifestyle that he continues to embrace with open arms…..That is, until he unintentionally partakes in a gruesome act of violence that leaves him scarred for life; a wake-up call, forcing him to rethink the direction in which he has been steering himself.

Now, regardless of his self-righteous pride, he knows he must seek immediate sanctuary from this chaotic existence if he wishes to keep what little is left of his soul. Ironically, the one and only person who possesses the power and willingness to liberate him from such damnation, is the one person he fears most.