Paradise In Purgatory

‘From the Nightmare to the Daydream’

Book Cover for Paradise in PurgatoryAs book 4 opens, Mahdakis accidentally stumbles upon a much-needed change in his life and unconsciously slams a door shut behind him while bumbling his way through another, opening him up to an unsullied colorful world of sobriety and optimism; a world filled with shiny happy people exuding positive reinforcement.

This phenomenon, of course, sickens him.

Yet, despite his reluctance to adapt, he inexplicably finds himself playing with some high school seniors in a local F.A.G.G. Metal band (Female-Aspirant Guy Group) and socializing among young F.A.G.G. Metal ilk.

While degrading to him at first, he slowly begins to feel an invigorating sense of purpose and motivation as he warily feeds off the refreshing bombastic innocence of these F.A.G.G.’s.

On Other Fronts:

After getting reinstated as a mortal being by the super hero committee, Pumpkinhead seeks validation as a Middle-Earth Wizard……..The Norford Police Department sets up a sting operation to put Jack Scentoola away once and for all……Charlotte Cummings starts to show very vivid true colors……Snowy McPeet returns from his capture in a top secret government lab……Goiter has a coming out party……Mahdakis and Nicki Tater leave for Cincinnati, to start life anew. While they find solace in one another, they don’t find much of anything else……Captain H. has his hands full when the AIDS virus hits close to home and new promotions are being given to some and death sentences to others.