The Lost Singles

recorded by


**Bogus Anxiety


(1)    Raven’s Song

(Music by Mahdakis Written and Recorded in 1991)

(2)     ^Finding My Way (#)

(Lyrics by Mahdakis. Music by Slappy Joe and Nigel Noodles. Released as a single by BOGUS ANXIETY in 1987)


**A fictitious band created for The B.U.R.N.O.U.T.S. Chronicles™ Novel, Paradise in Purgatory, by Mark Rogers




Mahdakis: Bass Guitar

Nigel Noodles: Lead Guitars

Slappy Joe: Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar

Jonathan Puritan: Drums/Percussion

Recorded at Hexagon Studios - South Norford, DE - October, 1989
Produced by Bogus Anxiety
Engineered by Jack Scentoola


^Written by Joe Labbadia, Mark Rogers, and Raleigh Estes ©1987. Performed by Joe Labbadia, Mark Rogers, Raleigh Estes, and John Puritz ©1989

All music and lyrics written, arranged, and produced by Mark Rogers ©1989, 1990