“I found this book in my friend’s bathroom. I found it more entertaining than the feminine product box.”

~ Ivanna P.


“Annoyingly addictive, spontaneously stupid and ridiculous.”

~ Alieskia


“This book series has content in it you just won’t find anywhere else. The second book has a scene in it that is based around some thugs stopping a car with a man and a woman in it. The thugs do something so crazy that you hope the author is just seriously f**ked in the head and that the world isn’t really like this. His stories are very extreme, it makes you wonder if there are places in the world that are really like this and where that is, so you can stay the hell away from there!”

~ Concerned Citizen


“Very well written, captivating story. The author does a great job of describing his characters and places and you feel invested in each just as if you really know them.”

~ Ms. Fuchbuddy


“Bought this book in hopes of a good mind bending read. It serves its purpose better as overpriced rolling paper.”

~ Puff Puff Pass


“These books have too many pages. With a title like Burnouts, I was looking for an easy read. Pictures would help.”

~ Bubba


“When I first found this book I was searching for something light and thought this type of humor would do the trick. I was wrong. This book is so much more. Yes it is packed with lots of laughs from a hilarious group of characters that will make you wish you knew where this “rock” is so you could join in the fun.While all that is good this book is more than just a book of wild antics and crazy mishaps and it does have plenty of those. It is the story that really pulls you in. You start to feel drawn in by the main character as he feels lots of the same confused emotions many of us did at his age. His search for love and fame takes many unusual turns throughout the book and you will slowly find yourself invested in everyone of them.Once I got going I couldn’t stop. You keep wanting to know what will happen next. Can’t wait to read the next one.”

~ Tommy Dee