Crimes Seen (the album)

recorded by


(1)     I, The Shadow/Silent Fright

(Lyrics by Roger Daniels. Music by Mahdakis) **

(2)     And Justice For All

(Lyrics by Roger Daniels. Music by Mahdakis and T. Gladbags)

(3)     From My Tower

(Lyrics by Roger Daniels)

(4)     Wishful Thinking

(Lyrics by Roger Daniels. Music by Mahdakis and V.B. Sinclair)

(5)     Motta/Yesterday=Today/Call Of The Child/Eternal Retribution/Call Of The Child (reprise)

(Lyrics by Mahdakis and Roger Daniels. Music by Mahdakis, and P. Wells)

(6)     Corporate Soul

(Lyrics by Roger Daniels)

(7)     Man Overboard

(Lyrics by Roger Daniels and Mahdakis. Music by Mahdakis)

(8)     One For The Road (Sameness)

(Lyrics and Music by Mahdakis)

(9)     Reality’s Dream

(Lyrics by Mahdakis. Music by Mahdakis, T. Gladbags, V.B. Sinclair)


*A fictitious band appearing in The B.U.R.N.O.U.T.S. Chronicles™ Novels, Crimes Seen and Benevolence & Betrayal, by Mark Rogers.

The band consists of four of the book’s main characters……


Mahdakis: Bass Guitar/Keys/Rhythm & Acoustic Guitars/Poetry Reads/

Tommy 'White Tom' Gladbags: Lead Guitar

Violet-Basia Sinclair: Lead Vocals (deleted for legal reasons)/Piano/Keyboards/Guitar

Pock Wells: Drums/Percussion
Recorded at Hexagon Studios - South Norford, DE - March, 1986
Produced by Fourth & Fifty and Mahdakis
Engineered by Jack Scentoola


^ Guitar solo in Silent Fright by Sean St. Cyr

All music and lyrics written, arranged, performed and produced by Mark Rogers ©2004 except where noted ^